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All roads lead to Polygon

The decentralized finance (DeFi) space is littered with scams, unsupported projects, unresponsive teams, and rug pulls. Witnessing this, we knew that we could create something more virtuous; where innovation thrives and investors emerge victorious as the platform evolves along with the on-chain solutions.

In order to capture the opportunity, we built a team that consists of industry experts. At our core, we are an engineering organization. Our team is made up of engineers that know a few things because we’ve seen a few things. The combined experience of the Augury Finance engineering team spans over 100 years.

We selected Polygon (MATIC) as the home for Augury Finance, as our long-term roadmap leads to us working across chains and across providers to offer sustainable DeFi products which can be accessed in a frictionless manner.

Why Augury Finance?

Augury Finance is a decentralized financial ecosystem on the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain focused on trust, community ownership, and sustainable returns. Out the gate, Augury Finance aims to offer the following features:‌

  • Swapping Capabilities: Trade your tokens in with Augury Finance
  • Pooling (Yield Farming): Provide liquidity here to earn incentives within the Augury Finance platform
  • Portals (Moar Yield Farming): We offer vaults for long-term storage of your coins
  • Gamification: Coming shortly after our launch, we’ve created one game that instantly rewards you if you are able to correctly predict the future of how a coin will perform.
  • Governance and Ownership: As this is a community platform, it is our goal to allow you to vote on things that are important to you; these things include (but are not limited to): fees on this platform, how to use the community pot of OMEN tokens, potential token burns, and new features which we may add in the future.
  • Augury Cauldron: Augury Finance wants to help launch new products within the Polygon (MATIC) ecosystem. Our platform can make the economics work for well-targeted problems within the Polygon space. Our model will help new teams get funded to launch their products while building out the larger MATIC ecosystem.
  • So Much More: Cross-Chain integrations, user/community growth, additional gamification, NFTs and more.

If you’re tired of being worried about a rugpull or an exploit and want to invest in a professional team, then come check us out.

We’re launching at the end of May, 2021.





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