OMEN Token Transparency Report (TTR)

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who has supported us on this journey so far. We’ve had a few conversations with some of you who are interested in our product but you’d like more details surrounding the OMEN token. We value transparency, so here we go:

OMEN Token Distribution

  1. 77,777,777 OMEN Tokens (total, ever!)
  2. Emission Rate: 1.77; we estimate that with this emission rate it will take us about ~3.25 years (2024) to reach the end of the emissions

Augury Finance Team: 7.77M OMEN (10%)

  • Rolling-cliff, Maximum 5% of monthly OMEN distributed to team.
  • Every month the team can utilize a maximum of 5% of the tokens received.
  • This rolling-cliff is for the entirety of the OMEN minting schedule (3.25 years).
  • Circulating: 0 OMEN (0%)

IFO: 670k–1M OMEN

Polycat Finance Public IFO (June 9, 2021 4 pm UTC — June 10, 2021 4pm UTC)

  • 670,000 OMEN
  • Price: approximately 3.00 USDC per OMEN
  • 100% unlocked, overflow style

Augury Finance (option) Cauldron:

  • Up to 330,000 OMEN
  • Price: approximately 3.25 USDC per OMEN
  • 100% unlocked, overflow style

Post IFO — Receiving OMEN Tokens

The primary method for getting OMEN tokens is through staking OMEN and other tokens in stake pools, and staking LP shares in Augury Finance Liquidity Pools.

About Augury Finance

Augury Finance is the only DeFi platform on Polygon that pays its users USDC just for staking the OMEN token. Learn about our Triple Yield Advantage:






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