OMEN Emissions Ending & More

Today marks the end of the OMEN emissions on Augury Finance. This means that no more OMEN will ever be minted and that the supply of OMEN is now limited. The final tally on the OMEN tokens is as follows:

Total OMEN Minted: 51,047,375
Total OMEN Burned: 4,425,088
Maximum Supply: ~46,622,287

For those that are asking, “Does this mean we will not get any more dividends?” The answer is no!

By remaining in either the Portals (OMEN Liquidity Pairs), the OMEN Vault, or the OMEN single-staking, you will still receive dividends for utilizing the product. To continue to incentivize Liquidity Providers, the OMEN portals will receive double the weight of the dividends vs the single-staked OMEN. This change will go into effect on Friday when the next round of dividends begins. If you’re currently in an OMEN portal (OMEN-USDC, OMEN-wETH, OMEN-wMATIC), there’s nothing more you need to do in order to keep receiving your weekly dividends. If you’re in a single stake pool or vault, there is nothing you need to do but please note that your dividend will be less than the dividends that will go out per OMEN for liquidity providers.

Infusions & Vaults

For those of you that have been staking your coins on Augury, you can take a look at our new Infusion system where you can provide LP tokens (including stable pairs) and receive a variety of alternative coins. We’ve received a lot of positive feedback about this system so far and we will continue to improve it!
For those that have not been following along, we wrote a detailed article on infusions which you can review here.

Our vault system continues to work as well, providing benefits for those who want to earn more of the same tokens + some additional bonus coins.

As a reminder, OMEN can be purchased here

Documentation & Housekeeping

We’re in the process of cleaning up our documentation to better serve both new and existing customers. We realize that a lot of it is out of date and needs to be updated (including our roadmap). We’ve put a new process in place to ensure that our documentation stays up-to-date and contains the latest information regarding the products within the Augury Finance brand. We will announce when that documentation is available so that you can review all of our information in a clear, logical, and organized manner.

Infinitum & Beyond

We’re planning on launching Infinitum during the first week of September. Infinitum is an algorithmically driven 100% collateralized asset that will continue to gain in real asset value over time. It is earned exclusively through the OMEN platform and will increase in value in a linear fashion. By using Infinitum, you will have a store of value that can be validated on-chain (ensuring that each coin is worth real liquidity). Infinitum opens up new possibilities for the Augury Finance platform as we continue to look at ways to innovate in DeFi.

We will have our paper and math behind the Infinitum coin published before the end of the month.

Beyond Infinitum, we are still working on our new product which expands on the capabilities of infusions and offers a whole host of new automated farming technology.

Technology continues to empower us to try new things! We’re super excited for the future of DeFi and are looking forward to getting our new products in front of you!

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