More Launch Details (Tokenomics & Advantages!)

Wow! Over the past 24 hours, we’ve seen a surge of new members all genuinely interested in our project and becoming an owner of Augury Finance. To that end, we say thank you. Truly, we appreciate all of the feedback and love that you’ve been giving us!

The Augury Finance Triple Yield Advantage

In order to build a long-term DeFi platform, we had to ask ourselves: what would we want in DeFi? Our goal was to find a sustainable way to grow our capital.

In doing this, we came up with three things that will add value to the Augury Finance platform starting on Day 1.

1- Weekly Dividends (Yield)

By staking the OMEN token, you are eligible to receive weekly dividends paid in USDC. These dividends are paid through our budget from deposit fees and swaps that occur on our platform.

As a staker of the OMEN token, you are entitled to the following benefits:

I. 40% of all the fees from all swaps that occur on the platform (given to you in USDC).

II. 60%* of all deposit fees within the platform (40% given to you in USDC, 20% reinvested as described directly below).

III. 20% of all additional investments that are made outside the platform (e.g. we will be using a portion of the deposits to re-invest into low-risk stable coin investments through protocols like curve and other Stable-LP pairs). The return from this gets added back into your weekly dividend payout.

By doing the above, money invested in Augury Finance will always be working for you both on and off of the platform. You directly benefit from all actions taken on Augury Finance. This creates a much more reasonable ecosystem that does not depend on exponential growth in users.

2- Staking (Yield)

By staking your assets with us, you will receive OMEN in real-time. The more OMEN that you have staked with us, the greater your weekly dividend payment will be.

3- Airmail (Yields Airdrops)

We are planning on having our first new Augury Airmail token go live approximately 30 days after our launch. If you are an OMEN holder and have staked your OMEN, you will be eligible to receive tokens just for being a user of our platform. This gives you an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of exciting projects as soon as they launch.


OMEN Tokens Pre-minted: 0
OMEN Tokens Pre-sold: 0
IFO: 670k (maximum of 1M)
Maximum Number of OMEN: 77.7M

The initial emission rate that we’re targeting is about 1.77 OMEN per block. We estimate that with this emission rate it will take over 3 years to reach the hard cap of the OMEN supply, making this a long-term investment.


Details about our IFO have been published here:

We have a very engaged Discord community, and we recently launched a Telegram community as well. Join us, follow us, talk to us. We’re here for you.




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