Dear Augury (a glimpse into the future)

Since the end of OMEN emissions, folks have been asking one question about Augury Finance: What comes next? Today, we’re going to answer that question.

Augury Redesign

Augury Redesign — Home
Augury Redesign — Infinitum
Augury Redesign — Infusions
Augury Redesign — Vaults

We’re anticipating rolling this redesign out before September 30, 2021.


To learn more about Infinitum, you can view our white paper here:

You can also read our poster on Infinitum below:

Augury Pylon

To start, there will be a single staking pool made available for OMEN stakeholders. By placing your OMEN in the OMEN Pylon, you will receive 90% Infinitum and 10% OMEN. We are aiming to release Pylon the week of September 12th.

We will be monitoring our pylon system closely and will introduce other single staking options (e.g. MATIC, wBTC, wETH, etc.) that will give you the opportunity to earn both Infinitum and OMEN every single day!


Things to do with OMEN

  1. Earn Infinitum + More Omen: By staking OMEN in the Augury Pylons you can earn Infinitum and even more OMEN.
  2. Earn Airmail: You earn airmail by keeping your OMEN in any of the following areas: single-stake, LP (portals), and/or the OMEN vault. Look for a new Airmail at some point during this quarter.
  3. Participate in the Cauldron: Future Cauldron offerings will likely require a small contribution of OMEN in order to participate. We’ll unveil this along with our next cauldron offering.

Augury Cauldron


Until next time… Be safe. Be well. We thank you for your support.



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