Augury Finance Roadmap!

Hey Everyone!

As we are preparing to launch, we wanted to share our roadmap with you here!

Coming Very Soon:
Augury Finance Launch on the Polygon Mainnet 🎉🎉 [ Read our launch details here ]
Augury Ambassador Program

Remaining Quarter 2 items (by the end of June):

Augury Cauldron
More Pools + Staking for you to earn yields!

Quarter 3 (July-Sept):

Augury Airmail
Meaningful Governance
Cross-Chain Integrations
Augury Marketplace (NFTs, collectibles)
Augury Predictions (Prop Bets)

Quarter 4 (Oct-Dec):

Expanded Partnerships
New Products

— — —

As always feel free to connect with us over your favorite social channel. We also quietly launched our Telegram channel too!