Augury Finance — Go Forward

  1. We ended token emissions without a clear path forward for our products. By ending $OMEN emissions, we put ourselves in a position where investment capital fled Augury. Those that remained staked watched their $OMEN get dumped on the open market, as they witnessed our liquidity fall significantly.
  2. Infusions weren’t marketed well. For the amount of engineering that went into building our infusions, we failed to market the product in a way that would have attracted long-term stakeholders. At the time, we were also competing with a well-known vaulting platform that was offering better APRs vs what we could offer through our infusion product. These APRs were largely driven by the competitive product offering their token in addition to the vaulting rewards. Without having an $OMEN token, we could not effectively match or beat the APRs of the competitor’s platform even though we had a very strong product.
  3. Infinitum worked (and is still working) as designed. The difficult thing about Infinitum is that as more Infinitum enters the ecosystem, more capital is required in order to send the price up. As capital leaves the Infinitum mines, increasing the Infinitum token price becomes a time-intensive process. We did a small amount of marketing on Infinitum, but we did not spread enough awareness regarding the product.
  4. We did a poor job attracting partners with our new products. Partnerships are the lifeblood of any successful product (especially in the crypto space), and because we didn’t spend the appropriate amount of time both marketing and developing relationships with communities that could have utilized our existing products, we ended up being mostly reliant on our existing community. Unfortunately, it’s hard to get excited about a project that keeps losing value because its objectives were unclear and the marketing was non-existent. During our community AMAs, many of you challenged us to find better solutions. Several of you asked when we would start to build these relationships. You reminded us that at one point in time, we were once one of the top 5 platforms on Polygon.

Whats going to happen to $OMEN?

Can I still earn from $OMEN even if I don’t play games?

Will Eternity provide value to $OMEN?

  1. The $OMEN community wallet will receive some of the profits that Eternity generates
  2. $OMEN can be used in conjunction with Eternity which adds new utility to the $OMEN token



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