An Augcat IFO — Public Sale Procedure

It’s time for some good news! Augury Finance is proud to partner with Polycat Finance to launch the blockbuster IFO event of the summer.

Polycat IFO

Sale Details

  • Sale start time: Wednesday, June 9, 2021
  • Amount to be raised: 2,010,000 USDC
  • Tokens to be sold: 670,000 OMEN
  • Price per token: 3 USDC

On Sunday, June 13, Augury Finance will go live.

How to participate in the IFO?

Start here: (this will be an Overflow sale)

To find out more about the IFO on Polycat Finance, visit the Polycat Finance telegram group.

I’m New Here! What is Augury?

First, please check out our Triple Yield Advantage to see how we’re innovating in this space and to understand our tokenomics.

Augury Finance is a decentralized financial ecosystem on the Polygon (MATIC) blockchain focused on trust, community ownership, and sustainable returns. Out the gate, Augury Finance aims to offer the following features:‌

  • Augury Swapper: We’ve partnered with Paraswap to offer a single experience and access to the best Swapping rates (+the most liquidity) across the entire industry. Click here to learn more about Paraswap. Here’s the official announcement. To learn more about our Swapper, see this.
Yep, this is real. $100 million dollars of liquidity on our Swapper with very low slippage.
  • Augury Airmail: Airmail provides Airdrops to OMEN token holders. By staking OMEN, you’ll be eligible to receive Airmail. The first Airmail token is planned to be released within 4 weeks of launch. You’ll be able to earn more Airmail tokens by pooling your airdrops.
  • Portals (Yield Farming): Provide liquidity here to earn incentives within the Augury Finance platform!
  • Staking (Even More Yield Farming): We offer vaults for long-term storage of your coins!
  • Predictions/Gamification: Slated for Q3, we’ve created one game that instantly rewards you if you are able to correctly predict the future of how a coin will perform.
  • Governance and Ownership: As this is a community platform, over time, it is our goal to allow you to vote on things that are important to you; these things include (but are not limited to): fees on this platform, how to use the community pot of OMEN tokens, potential token burns, and new features which we may add in the future. OMEN is built as a governance token that will be fully governed by our community.
  • Augury Cauldron: Augury Finance wants to help launch new products within the Polygon (MATIC) ecosystem. Our platform can make the economics work for well-targeted problems within the Polygon space. Our model will help new teams get funded to launch their products while building out the larger MATIC ecosystem.
  • Augury Sentry: Sentry is our innovative monitoring tool within the Augury ecosystem that will be available through the Augury Finance platform. For many investors, searching a blockchain to discover what’s happening to a set of contracts can be time-consuming and difficult. If you don’t know what you’re looking at, this task can be even more frustrating. Sentry is our way of providing transparency on any large transactions that occur so that both technical and non-technical users can easily understand what is occurring within the contracts that Augury controls. As this is a community platform, it is important to be aware when things are happening behind the scenes.
  • So Much More: Cross-Chain integrations, user/community growth, additional gamification, NFTs and more. Don't forget to check out our roadmap

Our entire ecosystem works together to bring the most value to you, the investor. Please review our lite paper to learn a lot more about the project.

What About The Team?

We’ve mentioned it several times, but it’s worth repeating here, our engineering team has over 100 years of combined experience. We’re not building another clone platform that has the same design as everything else out there. For the programmers out there, we’re using NuxtJS/Vue (in addition to Solidity for our contracts), and we have a completely new design!

In the Future, How Will Augury work with Polycat?

Augury Finance builds bridges between “Defi” products and communities. We’re proud of both of our launch partners (Polycat and Paraswap), but we’re just getting started. Augury Finance will continue to push the boundaries of innovation as it continues to scale across other blockchains. Between our partnerships and our platform, Augury Finance is offering you real value from Day 1.


We have a very engaged Discord community, and we recently launched a Telegram community as well. Join us, follow us, talk to us. We’re here for you.





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