Dear Augury Family:

Many of you have seen or heard about our latest project, Eternity. There are those of you who have been left wondering, “What’s going to happen to $OMEN?”, “Can I still earn from $OMEN even if I don’t play games?”, “Will Eternity provide value to $OMEN?”


I N F I N I T U M by Augury Finance

Infinitum started 5 days ago. Since the start, there has been over $93,000 in new liquidity created by Infinitum.

Infinitum has gone from $1.00 to $1.66 at the time of this writing, resulting in a 66% gain over the past five days. Outside of extreme circumstances (e.g. collapse of the…

Today marks the end of the OMEN emissions on Augury Finance. This means that no more OMEN will ever be minted and that the supply of OMEN is now limited. The final tally on the OMEN tokens is as follows:

Total OMEN Minted: 51,047,375
Total OMEN Burned: 4,425,088
Maximum Supply…

On August 11, 2021 we launched infusions on Augury Finance. These infusions allow you to start with an LP coin and receive various coins as an output:

On Discord, our community has started to develop infusion strategies, where you take the result of one infusion and then place the tokens…

We have been actively listening to the concerns expressed within our community both about the future of OMEN as well as the current trajectory that the OMEN token has taken.

I. Where do we go from here?

On August 17, 2021, Infusions will launch! Through our Infusion Drive, we are able to take a coin and infuse…

Augury Finance

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