99 Liquidity Problems, but Augury Finance has none

Augury Finance

Decentralized Finance “DeFi” is all about liquidity. The more liquidity you have the better your system can perform. For many of you, this story will be familiar: You join a new project that has its own “DEX” (Decentralized Exchange). You then try to make a swap on the system and you see something like this:

An example “DEX” provider

The problem with the image above is that at the time of this writing, MATIC is currently trading for $1.92, which means that you’re losing 0.80 cents if you make this trade using the new “DEX” project that you’ve found.

This problem happens with many “DEX” projects that do not have enough liquidity to support their trades. If a project has a limited amount of liquidity, it becomes difficult to make swaps. This means that you, the customer, will be the one that gets a bad deal.

With Augury Finance, these problems do not exist. In fact, at Augury Finance, we can support hundreds of millions of dollars in transactions with almost zero slippage.

Augury Finance Swapper

We believe that you deserve the best possible rates when making a swap. We also believe that you should not have to lose money to a system that does not work in your favor. We built our Augury Swapper in such a way that nearly guarantees that you will get the best deals when swapping tokens.

Additionally, as an OMEN token holder, you’ll get an even better deal as part of the money that we collect on the swaps goes back into buybacks and token burns. This means that you’re always making money when you make a Swap with Augury Finance.

This is just another example of how Augury Finance is helping to improve DeFi.

Before you make your next trade, please come check us out and compare rates. You may be surprised at what you will find.

We’re launching soon. In the meantime, please read our other articles and chat with us via social media!


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Augury Finance

Augury Finance

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